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CLA is convinced that everyone can learn. There are no exceptions to that rule. Confidence is the key to educational success. We are willing to teach each individual on their level and grow academically from that point. Failure is not an option. We aggressively teach and spark excitement in every new concept learned through experiments and hands-on activities. Every student is included and not excluded from this educational experience with one-on-one instruction time.


CLA utilizes a self-paced curriculum developed to benefit all students. Khan Academy is a curriculum that aids students who are slower learners and challenges the faster learners. It is a phenomenal foundation-building curriculum that is essential for continued growth and stability.

Online curriculum is also tools of learning that CLA uses.  These programs enhance the ability of each student to use technology to carry out assignments.  CK12, Quizlet, Google Docs, Google Books etc. 

Our children are our future; Parents are not excluded from the success of the child but included in every part.   

  • We are Helping people to restart emotionally, physically and mentally.

  • We are Teaching self-esteem and daily motivational approaches to reach each individual.

  • We are Giving hope when everything in the environment seems hopeless.

  • We are Bringing restoration to families; while bringing restoration to the community.

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  • Charlotte Leadership Academy’s goal is to affect the world. 

  • We impact students by affecting both the parent and child.  We are in an ever-changing world.  Our goal is to change society’s way of thinking.  When we do that, we not only promote change that will positively affect a child but the parent. 

  • Parents are also allowed to graduate and receive a diploma from Charlotte Leadership Academy instead of a GED. 

  • Kill the statistics that say children who live in a poverty-stricken environment cannot achieve in a so-called parentless household.

  • Teaching life lessons and survival by using hands-on solutions to issues not found in books.


  • Charlotte Leadership Academy - Private School – Grades K-12

(An educational institution)

  • Lead Her-Lead Him (Youth Leadership Program)

  • R.Y.A.N. Saunders Group (Mentoring Program)

Resilient! Young! And Necessary!

  • Project Restart (Academic Enrichment / Tutoring)

  • Paired Learning (Peer Learning Groups)

  • R.E.A.D.- Reading Essential Academic Development (Corrective Reading)

  • Clark & Saunders Leadership Institute (College & Career Readiness)

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