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In every situation, from all walks of life, we believe EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN. Charlotte Leadership Academy will empower young minds to reach their highest potential. Challenging each child to produce their very best is the key to sustainability in education. We believe motivation, confidence, and individuality build the self-reliant student equipped to move forward to their much anticipated next level in life. The education of the entire child is our focus; mind, body, and soul.


  • The Mind: Enabling consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment, and memory – to the fullest.

  • The Body: An active lifestyle that promotes good health.

  • The Soul: Inspiring the innermost part of each student to reach the stars.



With special emphasis on our youth grades K-12, the generation that will lead this country in the future, we will mold and shape them with a stable foundation including biblical principles, personal morals and values, and an excellent educational foundation.


Charlotte Leadership Academy is dedicated to inspiring and challenging the individual educational and physical needs of each student, while the construction of a strong foundation is fortified. Servicing the entire child; mind, body and soul and building character, morals and values is the goal of CLA, including every student in the educational process providing confidence that sets the stage for success.




CEO & Co-Founder

Doan Clark is an enthusiastic CEO and co-administrator with Charlotte Leadership Academy, LLC. In this role, Ms. Clark leads a team of educators in the quest to provide a superior education including teaching morals, values, and personal accountability to the life that we have been given. A big believer in educating the entire child with their own individual, unique needs, Doan Clark supports every type of learner, developmentally distinguishing strengths that will exist upon a strong foundation and support a lifelong learner. Doan is a qualified educator and administrator. She holds two degrees, one in foundations of business, business administration and is currently working on a MSW. Doan is no stranger to educating both young people and adults alike. The implementation of several programs that focus on character building, adult literacy and high school completion programs are among a few things Doan is proud of. Having spent 21 years as an entrepreneur, educator, and a school administrator, she has aided in the growth and academic progress of hundreds of students, working with the smartest and the educationally challenged emotionally, physically, and mentally. Students have excelled in every single situation that could possibly be confronted and conquered. "Giving students another chance at making educational progress and succeeding to heights unthinkable or unknown is extremely rewarding". Doan has more than 15 years of professional experience in managing and handling daily operational duties working as an office manager. Prior to starting Charlotte Leadership Academy in 2013, she organized and founded a nonprofit that supports Charlotte Leadership Academy to help in the financial obligation of educating students and includes mentoring, tutoring, community service projects, and family support services. If there is ever a question of whether progress can happen, all you must do is listen to the many parents, students, and supporters of CLA. Successfully joining forces with Mr. Ryan Saunders in 2016 has taken CLA to higher heights. With like hearts and passion for our youth sealed the partnership. Doan and Ryan have added to the already dynamic resume Family Services which will provide mental, physical, and social support for all ages. History is still being written. "Anything is possible if you believe" is a motto that fuels Doan daily as she goes forward full speed ahead in a quest to make a difference in the lives of others. Doan Clark is a single parent of one son and a supportive team that make a life of serving others amazing!



Ryan Saunders is the Owner and President of RS Saunders Group, LLC where he specializes in commercial cleaning and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Mr. Saunders company prides itself on providing not only exceptional cleaning service, but superior customer service as well. He is a valued business professional. Since 2011, he has served over 100 business in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties. Mr. Saunders found his calling in helping young adults and children by offering education opportunities. In 2016, he joined forces with a business partner by co-leading Charlotte Leadership Academy, LLC. Charlotte Leadership Academy is a private school dedicated to inspiring and challenging the individual educational and physical needs of each student, while the construction of a strong foundation is fortified. Servicing the entire child; mind, body and soul as character, morals and values are built, is the goal of CLA. Including every student in the educational process providing confidence that sets the stage for success physically, emotionally, and mentally. Charlotte Leadership Academy serves middle and high school students, grades 6-12. Individualized education, in a smaller setting with a blended curriculum is our approach. ALL students can learn, and they possess what it takes to make them GREAT! As a leader in his own business and the community, he finds a way to touch and connect with every student. Saunders focuses on measurable results leading to increased value, higher graduation rates, educational opportunities for his students and improved overall school performance while serving the youth and community. His leadership abilities, servant leadership, business acumen, and operation skills distinctively positioned him to begin opening multiple private schools within North Carolina. While having a successful career in commercial cleaning and the education sector, Saunders continuously serve the youth with coaching different sports to provide students opportunities to achieve the same success he did as a young man pursuing sports. Passionate about his community, youth and their possibilities, Saunders provides community services opportunities and education services that help many individuals throughout the Charlotte area. Recently, Saunders has been privileged to mentor many young people through the Department of Juvenile Justice in Mecklenburg County and is an active part of youth programming in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. “Throughout life I have made many mistakes. My focus and passion in life is to live my life now to inspire and motivate our future to push hard and to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.”

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